deutsch912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz Restaurant
Neuhaus on the Pegnitz river, about 53 km northeast of Nurnberg / Nuremburg, about 30 km northeast of Lauf on the Pegnitz river, Middle Franconia, Bavaria, Bayern, Germany map medieval feast castles picture knight weekend Burghotel exquisite room restaurant tables dinner menu deer roast venison pork potato dumplings beer history illustration plan drawing photo diagram painting

912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz Restaurant

New year's eve party, Knight's meal

History of the medieval castle

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High from the roof waves the flag, on which is written hospitality.
Flee from the everyday stress and retreat on our castle. Enjoy the wonderful quietness and tranquillity of the castle site. View the beautiful franconian farm land from the heights of the roof, just like from a bird's flight.

Let yourself be pampered with medieval hospitality.
The land around the castle provides the castle hotel with fresh and natural produces. It doesn't matter, if your a lover of down-to-earth, franconian or of hewed dishes - kitchen and restaurant will please every wish.
Service belongs to hospitality. The
912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz, a family-run hotel, don't consider anonymous servich of a "sleep-and eat establishment", but have time for the guests, maintain the small attention and the lovingly detail.

The 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz, the castle to experience, to view, to live in and to take walks.
Picture view from castle | Picture castle on the hill | Picture castle courtyard

The spirit of history envelopes the guest of the 21st century upon entering the hallowed grounds of the castle. 

The castle history reaches all the back into the year 1008, which was originally erected as a fortress to protect the border against intruders. Over the years the leadership has changed several times, from the Hohenstaufen to the Bishops of Bamberg, Knight of Epstein to the management of Middle Franconia. Real, old and venerable from the basement to the roof – don't you also want to live in this castle? Fulfill your fantasy to be Castle Mistress or Castle Owner – even if it is only for a Romantic weekend. Encounte the middle ages with the comfort of today.

Restaurant 58 seats, Tower room (Turmzimmer) 42 seats, Beer garden in the historical castle court yard 150 seats

17 hotel rooms with 42 beds, Room rates | Availability?

Restaurant of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz

Over 900 years of dining has taken place in the Hall of the Knights.  During the early days of the castle, one ate at rough-hewn tables with wooden spoons and fingers. Today the guests eat at beautifully set tables with exquisite china and silverware. Dining and drinking has been done here since the beginning of the castle, even in the wild times of the 30-Year-War, but which can not disturb these walls.
The cellars feature exquisite wines from the Franconia region as well as other famous areas around Germany. The 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz also offer foaming beer from traditional local breweries, wild game, and fish when in season. The  poultry and meats come from the surrounding farmers of the farming community. All is to ensure that your dining experience is as real and natural as the walls of the castle itself.
The 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz, offer the guests the hospitality that they would like to have. The romanticism of a castle, a place of happiness and the well-being, an intact surrounding and lovingly personal service.


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